Window Covering Ideas for Creative Stimulation

Moving this Spring/Summer?  Ever read the notorious new-age book, Creative Visualization?  It’s described generically as “the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations” (Wikipedia).  Couldn’t we all use a dose of that occasionally! But if visualization techniques are a bit too esoteric for your tastes and moving related interior design aspirations…maybe you’d like some more pragmatic suggestions for smoothing your move…next go round.

Like anything else, moving to a new place and starting over again has it’s upsides and downsides.  Sometimes it’s just invigorating to start afresh in a new place…making new friends and acquaintances, and creating a brand new space to nest in and make your own.  The flipside…those very same things can be challenging too…especially when less than enthusiastic family members may not share your optimism.

From the decorating and design perspective, window coverings can have a huge impact on a new living space…bringing more light and openness for example.  On the other hand…a big, fat downside to moving is that taking and successfully reusing window treatments at a new location usually doesn’t turn out well.  Since windows and their corresponding living spaces are fairly unique and one size doesn’t fit all.  When it comes to outfitting the windows to the soul of your new home, finding the balance between function, fashion, affordability and privacy become more fun when you’re infused with a variety of creative new ideas.  Here are a few to get you started:

  • Roman Shades

  • Ombre’ Cheveron Stenciled Panels

  • Yellow Chevron Curtains

  • Lengthening Dining Room Drapes

  • Updating Your Vertical Blinds

  • Sliding Door Window Treatment Solutions

  • Valances are Simplistic

  • Dropcloth Curtains

  • Stenciled Drapery




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living room draperies in traditional san francisco deocr




Moving? 7 Ways to Smooth Your Move

Maybe you’re relocating residences and moving into a newly build home…or possibly one that has accommodated several families before yours.  Either way, moving into a home that’s new for you offers excitement, change and many decisions to be made. Why not jump start the process of moving to your new place…before moving day? Here’s how:

  1. Notebook – start one for the new house. Jot down items to purchase or activities to handle. Include eye-catching fabric and color samples, favorite window product brochures and quotes from movers. Carry your notebook with you to have data handy when you need it.
  2. Floor Plan – sketch one of your new home when you don’t have blueprints. Record measurements of rooms, windows, closets and doors in your notebook. Include distance of window moldings from corners, floor and ceiling. Use measurements or blueprints to make a “to scale” floor plan and determine your furniture placement for moving day. Your movers will love your organization!
  3. DONATE Before you Move – things like furniture, clothing and accessories that aren’t really needed…or won’t mesh with the motif of your new home.  Packing and moving old baggage can be huge drain on the whole relocation process.
  4. Painting – Rooms, Closets & Ceilings that don’t fit with your existing decor ideas…before the move!  It’s so much easier when there are no heavy furnishings to move and the window treatments of your dreams aren’t yet in place.
  5. Kitchen Cupboards, Drawers & Closet Shelves – Clean and paper the inside of each.
  6. Floor Coverings – replace old worn out coverings…or clean carpets before your furniture arrives.  Nothing like a fresh, clean, new home for your family!
  7. Room Light – On a sunny day, visit the new home a take notes on how light shines into each room.  Jot down quick ideas about which window coverings will make the room most usable and comfortable?

Window coverings make an enormous difference in reflecting your personality & style…and your overall enjoyment of your home. They offer privacy, enhance light quality, add beauty…They even help reduce utility bills. Blinds, shades, shutters and drapery are classic treatments that bring style into a room without overpowering it. They’ll last and be valued as long as you own your home!  Whether your new home reflects the tastes of previous owners…or is brand spanking new…you can imbue it with your own personal decorating touch with Allied Drapery Service & Hunter Douglas.

Top Designer Advice on Choosing Window Treatments

Scot Meacham Wood, formerly of Ralph Lauren Polo…and since leaving there in 2001…owner of his own self named San Francisco design firm, describes his personal style as “A fresh interpretation of European style, with a dash of Southern hospitality.”  In this interview by HouseBeautiful on the topic of choosing window treatments, Wood articulates seven (7) specific characteristics that he incorporates into the process.

Q: “How do I choose window treatments?”  —Sarah Z.

A: Sarah, maybe it’s just my southern upbringing — or my unending love of textiles — but, I’m a sucker for a beautiful window treatment, so I’m usually going to err on the slightly more lush side of things on this particular topic! Whenever we’re working on a project here at the office, part of our job is allocating budget resources to various parts of the project. Drapery is always one of those places where it pays to spend a bit of money. Beautifully designed and installed drapes will immediately elevate any room!

The other amazing opportunity that window treatments offer is the chance to manipulate the architecture and mood of a room. You’re basically placing a great deal of textile in a space — and well-placed drapes will work wonders.

Here are a few things that always stand out to me:

1. Fullness
Traditionally, you should be looking at 2 to 2½ times the width of the window for the fullness of the drapes. So if your window is 4 feet wide, the ungathered panels should be at least 8 feet wide, or even better, 10 feet.

2. Length
For classic side panels, you really have to go all the way to the floor. If you’re looking at ready-made drapes, make sure that they touch the floor, even if you have to buy the next size up and have them hemmed.

3. Functionality
Oftentimes — and especially when privacy isn’t an issue — we design drapes that really only function to frame the view. Even in these cases when the panels don’t really need to close, they should at least look like they could close.

4. Textile
There are never going to be any hard-set rules about choosing drapery fabrics. This is where design stops being a science and begins to be art. If your other furnishings are leaning towards solid colors, here’s your chance to bring some pattern or at least a punch of color to the room.

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San Jose Window Coverings News : 3-24-13

5 Strategies for Covering 50 Windows—for Under a Million Dollars

by Michelle Slatalla

Curtains can go very, very wrong. If you go overboard, you end up with something heavy and expensive and claustrophobic, like one of those getups Sally Field wore in Lincoln. On the other hand, don’t ignore them until too late, after all the remodel money has been spent. Like I did. With my husband threatening to thumbtack a bed sheet over the beautiful new windows “to stop the spying,” I faced a desperate situation.

“Let’s review,” said my husband, who likes his privacy. “How exactly did we end up adding only two new rooms but 21 new windows?”

Um, the architect likes “light?” At least that’s what he said when he showed me the plans. It looked like a good idea on paper, too. All that light. Of course, now that we’ve moved in we practically have to walk around in sunglasses. So what’s the solution (and how much did I end up spending)?

Strategy No. 1: Don’t panic. Instead, walk from room to room and evaluate each window calmly. As Brooklyn-based architect Frederick Tang (whose firm Davies Tang + Toews is a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory) puts it, “What do you need from each of your windows? Is this a room where you want to sleep in utter pitch darkness? Or do you live somewhere where the site has privacy and your amazing views are the thing you are concerned about?”

Photographs by Mimi Giboin except where noted.

Above: A Michael Smith-designed bedroom in the Hollywood Hills, photographed by Henry Bourne, via Style Court. According to Smith, the “utterly simple curtains are made from 200 yards of pure white medium-weight Italian linen with a matte satin finish, hung with a glamorous drape from plain wrought iron rods.”

Strategy No. 2: Hang simple solid-color curtain panels.

Why choose curtains (instead of blinds, say, or shades) for some windows? Says Tang, “It is a classic trick to use curtains to enlarge the visual effect of window. Often people will place them bunched up a foot or two off to the side of window, so will look as if a window is bigger.”

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Contractor’s Tips: 10 Things Your Contractor May Not Tell You (6 photos)

A contractor and a client can have a complicated relationship. We’re dealing with your home, so it makes sense that sensitive and incredibly important issues arise. While communication is key, there might be some things your contractor isn’t saying. Sometimes there just isn’t time to explain, sometimes…

25 Wonderful Window Covering Whims

This abstract comes from an article by a Texas DIY husband and wife team that remodels houses as a (part-time?) business. He’s a landscape architect…she has an education/background in interior design…though seems to devote her skillset solely to the “team”…as part of her stay at home mom role. They blog about their home remodeling escapades at  Ideas spawn other ideas…sometimes great ones.  This just might be the launch pad to help you with whatever home or office window coverings project you’re about to start.

Moving and starting over again in a new space definitely has it’s pros and cons.  On the up side, it can be great to start fresh, meet more friends, and have a brand new space to make your own.  On the down side, it can be tough to start over again, find new friends, and have to make yet another space work for you and your family.  Obviously, there are days when I’d love to be back enjoying all the finished projects in my Texas home!  But there are other days when I’m pretty excited about the new projects I’m tackling.

One of those projects?  Window coverings… Read More

25 Great Window Covering Ideas