Our Team

Office Manager

Monica Soto is committed to customer service… and through her leadership, fosters teamwork and quality assurance across our entire staff.  Monica ensures the completion of projects on time and on budget while adhering to the very highest standards of quality and professionalism.  She is also responsible for Allied’s internal accounting, and her adherence to professionalism and ethical business practices has given Allied Drapery the solid foundation to which it attributes it’s enduring fiscal stability and continuing growth.

Installation Supervisor

Javier Perez is the Allied Drapery Supervisor of Installation and our in house “Hard Window Production” specialist.  He has been with the company for over 3 years, managing all field measurements, job scheduling, and project planning.  His industry expertise ensures that all our residential and commercial projects meet the highest standards.  This includes upscale Residential clients, as well as Schools, Colleges, Hotels – Motels, Senior Housing,  Apartment buildings,  Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities… and all new construction.

Drapery Workroom

Since 1937, Allied has fabricated ready-made and custom-made textile-based goods with an entire team of window coverings installation personnel,  suppliers, and decades of manufacturing experience.  Allied has the resources and skilled personnel necessary to complete challenging projects.  Our custom drapery workroom team is always ready to efficiently serve your needs.

President  CEO/ CFOSilicon Valley Window Coverings King - Randy Peters - Allied Drapery - San Jose, CA

Randy Peters is both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer…also in charge of investments and marketing for Allied Drapery.  In addition, he is trustee of the company’s pension and profit sharing plans.

In 1962 he joined the US Navy and did a tour as a medic in Vietnam.  When he returned, he earned a Business Degree from San Jose State University.  In 1978 he purchased controlling interest in Allied Drapery from his father who had acquired it five years earlier.  The Peters Family has been in the textile business for more than three generations, so the transition was a natural process.  He now takes great pride in serving as acting President…managing all phases of development, budgeting, and estimation.