Window Coverings ABCs

The array and depth of so many types of window coverings can sometimes overwhelm a homeowner or business owner with an urgent need to make a choice!   This short primer takes a brief look at a handful of window treatment options that offer expedient, functional and stylish personality to your office or home….including blinds, valances, panels and shutters .

Are you a fan of the popular makeover, house flipping programs on television these days?  One of the most popular home decorating TV networks…HGTV tells us in their “Top 10 Window Treatment Trends,” all-natural woven shades of the matchstick and bamboo variety is one of the most requested window coverings.  While offering privacy by diffusing light, they still allow you to view your beautiful outdoor surroundings.

But whether your tastes are trendy or traditional…you can rejuvenate your window styling with one of these excellent designs.


Affordability and practical ease of use keep blinds as one of the most popular window coverings year in and year out.  Complete privacy and sun blocking can be achieved with a flick of the wrist …and with the right choice, offer light filtering slats as a compromise.  Horizontal or vertical, wood or faux-wood, mini and venetian…the variety of options is staggering.  Clean lines, durability and practical light-weight design, blinds continue to grow in popularity as a perennial window coverings choice.


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With a traditional yet versatile flair, valances allow you to dress up your windows without breaking the bank.  They can be hung by themselves or layered on top of curtains, sheers or shades in coordinating colors.  Just about any room is candidate for tailored valances that contain a sewn-in rod pocket at the top with a straight-edged bottom, inviting light to fill up the room. Installing a tier curtain beneath the valance permits a smaller square of a larger window to be visible. Balloon, scalloped, Australian and shaped valances have the same basic look, but differ in decorative shapes and pleats. Easily hung in minutes with a utility rod, valances are one of the most cost effective ways of adding real character to your windows.

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