Window Size and the Art of Illusion

Creating the illusion of a larger space within the confines of existing architectural design elements may seem daunting at best, but can often turn out to be a magical feat.  Small odd-sized windows for example, can be framed with window treatments in a way that offers an overall improvement to the living or workspace.  Sometimes you can even craft a room with no windows at all…into something that actually feels like there is an opening.

Windows were originally purely functional in primitive dwellings.  Their only purpose was to let smoke escape from the cooking fires that burned inside. Aesthetics weren’t even considered.  But as man eventually became more affluent and frivolous…beauty and aesthetics got baked into structural design…and the architectural word “fenestration” was born. Merriam-Webster defines it as:

fenestration – the arrangement, proportioning, and design of windows and doors in a building

window coverings for small & odd sized windows(Photo:

Part of the reason why the replacement window and door industry thrives and homeowners are so willing to spend the money to make it so…is that there are very real benefits of increased energy efficiency and improved mechanical functioning.  But sometimes, replacing windows outright is not viable or cost effective. That’s where the tricks come in…rather…where the opportunity to create the illusion of more space comes in.

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