App Control for Motorized Window Shades, Really?

Sometimes a new technology gizmo can seem it like it has just enough prerequisite pain to make you avoid it indefinitely.  Then again, when the allure of the comfortable, cozy nest that’s your day end and weekend oasis can be made that much more inviting with minutes of implementation…it’s totally worth it.

If you have an iPhone, you’re already good to go…and an Android version for all you Googlers is on the way soon. Of course the little software app doesn’t install the actual motorized window shades for you (we at Allied Drapery can help you with that of course). But the feeling of coming home to that perfect oasis that’s just been waiting for you all day…will make the effort seem trivial.

A video is worth 10,000 words…even if it is a tiny bit commercial.


The coolest part about the phone app and the motorized treatments they control is that you don’t need an electrician nor special wiring installed…and best of all…the app is FREE.

Hunter Douglas invented the technology, so the setup is easy and there’s minimal hardware.  In no time at all,  the app lets you move all the Hunter Douglas window coverings in your home or by room at the same time or one shade at a time, in real time. Or, you can use the timer feature to schedule it for later. You can choose to operate by scene (activity), by room or by time.

Got an iPhone?…download the app from iTunes here: Platinum App by Hunter Douglas

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