Beating the Heat with Window Shades, Blinds and Drapery

About to run to Home Depot and snatch up a portable air conditioner because you’re fed up with that westward facing potbellied stove you used to call a bedroom/office?  Wait! As refreshing as that cool air conditioned breeze feels, you know you’ll hate going to the mailbox next month when the dreaded electric bill comes. A little ingenuity mixed with an aesthetic eye can help make that next trip to the mailbox a little more palatable. Believe it or not, Uncle Sam’s Department of Energy encourages us with the fact that prudent application of various window coverings and treatments can reduce the Summer heat transferred through your windows as much as 75% or more!…with similar benefits in the Winter too.

Here are 5 window covering alternatives that can help drop the bottom line on your home energy costs:

  1. Window Shades – proper installation is the key here…and make sure they’re closed all day!
  2. Blinds – a bit more economical. DOE says highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45 percent
  3. Drapes & Curtains – fabric type (closed or open weave) & color have a large bearing on heat gain here

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