San Jose Window Coverings News : 4-7-13

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? — Good Questions | ApartmentTherapy

by Regina Yunghans

Q: Our new apartment has many quirks, including the two windows in the kitchen that look out into our hallway. The previous owners put them in because the wall can’t be taken out, and they allow natural light into the room. I think they’re ugly. Any ideas for something that will still let the light in but looks nice and won’t interfere with dinner (nothing fragile)?

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House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light (5 photos) | Houzz

When I was growing up, my mother would bemoan others’ limited imaginations: “Some people can’t see potential; they just can’t visualize things.”My problem was never a lack of imagination. An argument could be made that I have had too much imagination, bordering on delusion. Take the second…


Keep Moving Day Safe |

by admin

NEYORK, NY (April, 2013) – As April and spring start, more and more families throughout the country will continue to move in higher numbers from now through the summer, . During this often hectic time, it is important for families to not forget about safety in all the hustle and bustle of a move.

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) wants to remind parents that children are especially vulnerable during a move and are offering life saving tips to keep children safe. When moving into a new or pre-owned home there can be new or existing dangers, and preoccupied parents need to be especially vigilant with small children. For example,

  • Loose bottle caps of medications and household chemicals
  • Furniture and boxes stacked high around the home
  • Windows without screen guards
  • Window coverings and drapes with hanging cords.

Window covering cords can pose a strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers. WCSC urges parents and caregivers to check their window coverings to make sure there are no dangling cords, and if there are to replace them with today’s safer products or order retrofits kits.

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