Roller Shades vs Curtains? 5 Ideas to Roll Around

Considering new window treatments for your home? Agonizing over making the best all around choice?  New drapery or curtains may be your first choice and it’s a natural tendency.  Another great option that has grown extremely popular in recent years is roller shades. Here’s a handful of reasons to roll around.

  1. A Sleeker Look – Maybe you’re going for something less conservative or old fashioned…as drapes are sometimes considered. If something more of a modern and sleek look in your home sounds attractive…then roller shades can be your best bet.
  2. Affordability – i.e. cost. Regardless of the window treatment options you’re considering, costs can add up quickly when you’re looking to adorn every window in your home. The good news is that roller shades are often available for a reasonable price, so finding window treatments that suit your budget might be a little easier than you think. You can spend a little bit of time shopping around for reasonable pricing on roller shades to help you ensure that you can keep costs reasonable.
  3. Easy to Clean – Cleaning drapes and curtains can be a huge drawback. Taking them down…either washing them in the washing machine or taking them to a dry cleaner can cause lots of worries. Roller shades, however, are generally much easier to clean. In most cases, you should be able to dust them off easily by hand or with a vacuum cleaner attachment.
  4. Better Privacy – Privacy for your family is one of the primary points of installing window treatments in your home. Drapery and curtains are often somewhat transparent…negating the privacy issue. Roller shades, though, eliminate the worry of anyone easily being able to see them from the outside. When you want you and your family to have the most privacy, you can keep them closed. Then, you and the others who are living in your household can feel as safe and comfortable in the home as possible.
  5. Better Sun Protection – UV rays from the sun can damage your furniture and cost your family money in higher household cooling bills. Some curtains will help with effectively blocking out UV rays, but many are not so effective on the sun damage front. The right roller shades, which will fit more tightly on your windows if they are appropriately sized, will do a better job of blocking out the sun. This is especially the case if you purposely choose roller shades that are designed to help with room darkening, so you can keep your home nice and cool and keep your furniture protected.

When looking for window coverings for your home, keep your mind and options open. Even if you are accustomed to using curtains as window coverings, you may want to look a little further at choosing roller shades. They’re available in different colors and styles…making it easy to choose that perfect roller shade look for each room in your home.

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