Window Treatment Anomalies – Multiple Scenarios

Having an abundance of windows in a single living space or room may seem like a good challenge at first glance…but with the abundance of variables that also comes included, professional window treatment insight and direction is highly advised.  The sheer quantity of  windows AND variables makes compatibility and envisioning the final result can be cumbersome at best. SoCal  interior designer Taylor Jacobson shares some key insights on getting it right the first time.

1.  Exceptions are the Rule 

 “Generally, if all the windows are the same size…I would recommend the same style window treatment throughout.” ~~ Taylor Jacobson

If one window has a unique aspect or position that you wish to highlight, the whole dynamic can change.

2. Color Palette Consistency

“When using different window treatments throughout a home,” Jacobson says, “I like to be mindful of the overall color palette—just like I would be with the furniture, rugs, paint and other textiles. I always try to pick a color or theme that is consistent throughout the space so there is a feeling of cohesion.”  ~~ Taylor Jacobson

3. Fabric Weight Consistency

Mixing & matching different window treatments is indeed feasible….just make sure everything is compatible and looks good together by keeping the fabric texture and weight similar across all windows in the room.

4. Neutral Colors & Styles – Hard to Fail

“A no-fail tactic for window treatments is to keep them completely neutral. For example, dress all of the windows in a white linen—whether shades or drapes—to soften the windows and provide privacy, but the attention will be on the furniture and other design elements in the rooms, and you won’t have to stress about playing curtain match maker.”  ~~ Taylor Jacobson

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