Home Décor – Leveraging Your Investment

We all have our own areas of expertise that helps us to know where to splurge and where to save.  But home décor may be unfamiliar territory when trying to leverage your decorating dollars? Here are some sage suggestion to guide you on what areas are worth investing in and where you can save a few bucks.


Unique Pieces – Cool, distinctive pieces can either cost a fortune or not much at all, so why splurge when you can save? Hunt for fabulous finds at garage sales, used goods stores or vintage shops. Some treasures are perfect asis, and some require just a bit of paint to reveal the diamond in the rough.

Bed Linens –  These take quite a beating from frequent washing and aren’t visible to anyone but you and your partner, so don’t spend a fortune. Bed linens are also an item where inexpensive doesn’t have to mean lower quality — you can often find higher thread count sheets on sale, and since they’re covered by the duvet you can get whichever colour is left.

Greenery –  Flowers and plants you have inside your home or out are vulnerable to the weather, how much sunlight they receive, and whether or not you can remember to water them. And flowers and plants are nice to change along with the season, with bright florals looking great in the spring and summer, richer tones for fall and poinsettias during the holidays.  Freshen up your home quickly and economically by saving on greenery. Depending where you live, you can sometimes even pick outdoor flowers for free.



Window Treatments  Well designed window fashions are beautiful to live with, provide variable light control, insulate rooms against heat and cold while saving energy, protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays , and absorb sound, improving the acoustics in a room.  Hunter Douglas’ innovative energy efficient window treatments are available in a wide variety of fabrics, materials and styles to suit the form and function of every room in your home.

Kitchen Backsplash –  An attractive backsplash can make any kitchen stand out and look expensive. It’s also a relatively small area, so a pricier tile won’t break the bank but will be sure to stand the test of time.

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