5 Window Treatment Wrong Turns

There are a lot of ways you can take a wrong turn with window treatments for your home.  How many times have you heard…”It’s all about Perception”?  The reality is…perception is subjective.  While aesthetics is a huge aspect of decorating, interior design and how your home’s appearance makes you feel… there are several ways to get off track with practical aspects of window covering implementation for your home.  Just as the “eyes are the windows to the soul”…so are Windows and their coverings — are a big part of your home’s character.


Have your window coverings taken a wrong turn?  Here are five forks in the road to look for:

  1. Consider Function AND Form – Like the look of sheers but can’t sleep because they let too much street light in? Love the look of big, thick drapes but wish you had more of a breeze in your home? Don’t just choose your window covering by looks — choose it for how you need it to function, too.
  2. Window Coverings Options – Explore Them All – Shades, shutters, blinds, valances, drapery and more — so many choices!  Each offering a different function, look and feel.  Not to mention the plethora of curtain rods or the different ways you can hang a curtain from one.  Investigate and research…you might surprise yourself with something new!
  3. Ignoring Details – Curtain tiebacks, tassels…fringe and more, many details that can be added to new or existing window treatments to really make them unique.
  4. Layering – A way of pulling sophistication into your decor in vignettes, on your sofa, on a bed and yes, on your windows, too.  Play around with all the different window covering combinations that exist to find the right mix for your style.
  5. Rod Adjustments –  Consider the entire room when hanging your curtain rod…not just the window itself.  Want a room that feels taller? Consider raising the curtain rod.  Explore different placements of a curtain rod (curtains too) and see how it can make small windows become bigger.

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