Window Coverings – How to Make the Best Choice

Are you a recent new home buyer…wondering how to make the best window coverings choice for each room?  A house usually feels empty when the windows are bare too.  So what are some of the best ways to approach each room and choose the best options?   Window treatments are often finishing touch that can make or break all rooms in a new house.   Usually…it’s a combination of several factors that help you decide…including: style of the house and room functionality required…as dictated by privacy and light control.

Here are a few key common factors:

  1. The Space – Covering all the windows in a home…or even one side of a home…with a single consistent type of treatment…can often be a practical decision.  All blinds or shutters in one color, for example. This affords the same level of light control and privacy to every room…giving your home a uniform look on the exterior.
  2. Style – for example…Contemporary homes may look most attractive with fitted, streamlined, blinds.   Traditional, formal homes often have more ornate window treatment combinations…e.g. Blinds with full-length drapery, or customized roman shades to add pattern and color to each room.
  3. Window Treatment Options – The range of possible window treatments extends from the familiar drapery…to blinds, shades and shutters.  And composition of each window covering can go from wood & faux wood…to fabrics and other more natural .
  4. Drapery vs. blinds – In some rooms, even with a blind, you may want to add drapery to soften the room or add some extra fullness. This might be in a living room or bedroom where you want additional style or decor — you can coordinate fabrics and textiles and really bring a room together. When you have more than one window in a room, like a living room, it’s important to give them the same coverings.

Tip: It’s tough to go wrong with seeking a seasoned professional for advice and installation…especially on more customized window treatment applications.  It can eliminate the usual surprises and heartaches encountered in DIY settings.

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