5 Space Specific Window Treatment Options

Room decor and design often lead many professionals to first consider the larger elements of the room…like larger furniture pieces or area rugs.  Window coverings often receive secondary attention in this inside out approach by many designers.  But the owner of a posh East Coast custom window treatment supplier, Loom Decor, says this about window treatments:

“…they’re often the most complicated decision in a space.” ~ Ashley Gensler, Founder – Loom Decor

Focusing your attention on more pragmatic concerns when selecting your ultimate drapery or window shade for the targeted room’s decor. Make your decision criteria these three needs:

  1. Light
  2. Privacy
  3. Architecture

If the focal point of a room is the window, you want to play it up as much as possible.” ~ Abby Rodriguez, VP of Chelsea Workroom – New York custom drapery atelier

Here are a hand full of specific space types and corresponding window treatment options that might work best for them…with pointers for avoiding common mistakes.

Elegance & Extreme Light Control:
Heavy luxurious drapery is famous for it’s light-blocking qualities…and for offering a feel of extreme elegance. Hence, they are highly appropriate for bedrooms and formal spaces, such as living and dining rooms.

High-traffic room focus:
Roman shades are a popular option here because they have structure…making them more substantial than other window coverings. Examples of high-traffic rooms include bedrooms, offices & powder rooms…but they’re also a practical choice for rooms where you don’t want window coverings that reach the floor…like rooms for kids, pets or radiators.

Minimalist focus:
Roller shades are a great choice for a room where you want the window treatment to be much less noticeable…and functionality takes a higher priority than form.

Custom & Unique focus:
Custom window treatments (as opposed to pre-fabbed) conquer those challenging situations where non-standard window and room sizes just won’t allow for anything ready-made.  Professionals will also ensure that they are installed and hung correctly.

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