Blinds 301 – Smart Gizmo: High Tech, Low Cost & Self-Adjusting

Are you more of a “function first” vs. a form kind of person? If so, you may not be inclined to do cartwheels over this window coverings oriented discovery…but you may find it pretty ingenious.  It’s basically a retrofit for your existing normal window blinds…that converts them to a smarter kind of window covering that adjust automatically based on time of day, temperature or degree of light settngs that you control.

It’s named FlipFlic…and is a small, simple, small device that clicks onto the blinds’ existing tilt mechanism, enabling it to be remotely and automatically controlled by a smartphone app.   Built into the design is a “green energy” option that allows the device to be recharged by a small solar panel that mouns directly to the window. But if you’re a bit old fashioned…it can be manually plugged into a mini-USB cord and re-charged every month or so.

Invented by Ksenia Vinogradova of Estonia (now San Francisco) and her company Jalousier, Inc….she tells us that the idea came into being by her own frustrations of constantly needing to adjust blinds at home and at the office.  Two years later…Jalousier just launched a $50,000 crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to breathe life into FlipFlic and begin production.  Supporting the new invention can be done in two ways:  1) $60 gets an early release device, or… 2) $85 buys a later model with the solar panel included.

Some Key FlipFlic Features:

  1. Automatic Control – FlipFlic has built in sensors that automatically responds to changing temperature & light.
  2. Both Verticle & Horizontal Blinds – two versions of FlipFlic to fit both blind types.
  3. Solar Powered – built in battery is constantly recharges with a solar panel…or can be manually plugged into a mini-USB cord and re-charged every month or so.
  4. Smart Home Integration – FlipFlic integrates with both BLE and ZigBee hubs

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