2016 Window Treatment Trends

Home decorating trends come, go and evolve…like so many other fashion oriented trends.  2016 is projected by home design experts to favor window treatments that will lean heavily toward the natural, organic, green and luxurious side of decorating.  Instead of acting as an accessory that adds to an overall flavor…windows will become the focal points in the design of the living area, as described by HGTV:

…let’s face it: If you neglect your windows in favor of a different design focus, you’ll be left with a bare view…Nothing says elegance like floor-to-ceiling window treatments in a neutral tone. [HGTV]

Organic materials like bamboo and matchsticks will be a favorite this coming new year. Smith+Noble’s product development manager Cindy O’Reilly shares that this type of window covering will allow light to enter homes but will offer considerable privacy, making home owners enjoy a balance in the two different environments.

Victorian SF Home - Traditional Drapery

Natural colors will also be a trend this 2016, paired with bold and dramatic colors like black and navy. Bright and beautiful colors will highlight the windows a home. Old World Interiors believes that bright and contrasting colors will play a big role in creating a statement for homes.

Fashionable fabrics and luxurious materials for window curtains will also return on the spotlight of home design this 2016. Fur, leather, silk, suede and velvet will be among the favorite materials for curtains and coverings. Simplicity will remain to be the main keyword for home designs this year, but a little luxury and intricate choices for accessories in homes will go a long way as well.

Promise of an even more stunning and visually appealing windows can be expected in the coming years…beginning with industry adaptations to technology and other new market offerings for 2016. Bold dramatic colors, green materials and even cutting edge technology will be the highlights of the coming year for window coverings.

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