7 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value for $1000 or Less

Selling your home and want to maximize the final price?  It’s all about leverage.  What are some lower cost upgrades that yield the highest rewards when it comes to closing time?

Obviously, everyone wants a home that looks clean and well-maintained…and so do prospective buyers.  The question is…what can a seller do to primp and window dress on a practial level…without taking out a second mortgage for a major remodel?  Here are several cost effective strategies you can implement…each for under $1,000 that will have a line of competitive offers leading to your front door.  Speaking of front doors and window coverings…they just happen to be the first few items on our list:

  1. New Walkway – Remember your dating days and the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? It also works here with #1 and #2 on the list.  You can create positive expectancy for buyers with a new front door pathway that elevates their anticipation of “Eureka!” (I have found it…the search is over).  Whether it’s brick pavers, stone, concrete, or just rocks — the trick is to be sure the pathway’s look and feel matches your home’s style. It creates a welcoming feeling that invites newcomers to crave a closer look at your home.
  2. New Front Door – Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul…your home’s front door and entry way is where your home’s curb appeal creates impact and comes into focus. Whether you replace or just repaint it, the front door has built in emotional buttons that affect thoughts of safety and security.  A new door should have practical appeal (new hardware is important also)…using color to subtly conjure up emotion and add some style to your home’s introduction is great way to make a statement.
  3. New Blinds or Plantation Shutters Ahh…our specialty!  That ‘windows to the soul’ thing applies to your home’s window too!  New window coverings can dramatically impact and modernize a room. If your windows are a standard width, you can try the DIY route and purchase basic wood blinds at a home improvement store (and most allow you to customize the length). If you have irregular window sizes special-ordering them is the only smart choice. Plantation shutters often add dramatic appeal…and can be a final tipping point with your home’s next owners.high angle view of downtown San Jose, California residential housing area with a variety of neighborhood buildings.
  4. Water Filtration System – Who doesn’t have a positive response to the idea of ultra clean and pure water on a daily basis?  The addition of an entire-home water filtration system is just plain smart at a fundamental level.  The notion of filtering to remove pollutants and chemicals from our drinking water has become a necessity in most major metropolitan areas of the U.S.  The bandaid approach of dealing with the issue by using clunky, refillable 5- gallon bottles or even purchasing drinking water in environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles…is just not pragmatic.  Increase your home’s value and impress buyers with filtered water directly from any faucet in the house — it’s pure luxury, and this amenity will pay off now and in the future when it’s time to sell.
  5. Programmable Thermostat – A truly cost effective home upgrade is a programmable thermostat (even a Wi-Fi–enabled type that allows smartphone control) that allows you to customize a temperature profile throughout the day. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating your home accounts for more than 40% of its total energy usage.  Reducing the temperature inside your home by a degree or two while you sleep can lead to huge savings on a monthly basis.

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