Choosing New Window Coverings – 10 Key Questions

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing new window coverings is not considering the actual functionality they are needed to perform.  Getting guidance from a window coverings professional is never a bad idea…but a little self education can go a long way in helping to avoid costly mistakes.

Here are 10 key questions to as yourself when choosing the right window coverings for your home:

Choosing New Window Coverings - 10 Key Questions

  1. Architecture of the home? Do you have an obligation to decorate according to a certain historical period?  Also consider what your window coverings will look like from outside.
  2. Existing colors/décor in the home? Will these be changed in the future? All white is highly not recommended…humans are designed to crave color.  Also, many white window coverings show dirt easily and can be harder to keep clean.
  3. Window Size? Some window treatments, such as timber venetians, have a maximum width, so this needs to be taken into account. Small windows can be given the illusion of largesse if the right window treatment is selected. If you have space around the window to extend the size of the window coverings, this can make the proportions larger.
  4. Window Shape? Unusual shapes such as arches, angles and circles greatly limit the window covering choices. Plantation shutters are a great option in many cases.
  5. Thermal Protection Needed? Do you need extra warmth in winter or coolness in summer without increasing your energy consumption? This is where fully lined curtains and pelmets do their best work.
  6. Privacy Needed? Is your window overlooking an ugly view or do you have nosy neighbours? No one likes living in a goldfish bowl! Please put something appropriate on your windows, as sometimes we don’t want to see into your house!

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