Colors & Patterns – Your Home Decor Decision Tree

Two huge challenges for many who are starting a decorating endeavor hinge on the fundamental choices of colors and patterns. Like any other lasting and potentially costly decisions…many people are afraid of making mistakes.

Sometimes taking what seems like large looming decisions…and breaking them down into smaller bite sized decisions can help you eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Determining more generalized color and pattern preferences as a first step…can lead you onward through the decision tree path more quickly. Here are five (5) questions to ask yourself that will keep you focused and moving along.

1. Desired Feeling?

This is probably the most important concept to clarify for yourself…and the best way to start is by choosing three key feeling words that describe how you want the room in question to feel most of the time.

2. From Color Wheel to Your Personal Color Palette. Hot, Cold or both?

Determining your areas of preference with a broad spectrum of colors…through a color wheel tool. Thinking of colors in terms of temperature can create a helpful perspective.

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