A Healthy View on Window Coverings

Allergy sufferers have been growing at alarming rates in recent years, and while global warming has been given much credit for at least part of the growth…our homes and workplaces are often blamed for their fair share too.  Vigilant home and building owners are seeking out alternative construction materials and other available products that help mitigate the number of toxins and irritating substances… potentially impacting allergy issues to any positive extent.  It’s synergistic with other large trends toward energy efficiency, sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Floor coverings, paint and other decorative furnishings have also been changing over the years in direct response to consumer demands for low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products and carbon friendly alternatives. The window coverings industry  has also participated in this trend…with recent innovative technological advancements producing some progressive products that have helped satisfy these newer public demands.

softness of custom drapery fabric & natural wood blinds

Oekotex is an internationally acknowledged green certification entity that evolved out of the public outcry against toxic and other harmful chemicals utilized in the textile manufacturing process. Fabrics and other materials used to produce drapery, blinds and window shades are subjected to rigorous independent testing to ensure the absence of any potentially harmful, legally regulated or even bonafide  illegal substances…in addition to other health related standards.  Indeed, passing products must actually minimize overall impact on the environment…as well as improve air quality indoors and generally aid in energy conservation.

The Oekotex certification process must not only be passed for the products themselves…but the manufacturing process as well.  Finally, the manufacturing process for the fabrics must use renewable non-polluting energy.

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